Keeping Up with the Routine: A Pandemic’s aftermath — Part 1

5 min readJan 10, 2022


Checklists, planners, alarms and reminders have all occupied the front seat of our life. Do you still freak out when your alarm tolls during sunrise and does it set you in panic?

How is this pertinent to the world today, one may ask.

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Allow me to introduce our Routine experts:

1. Monica Geller: We all have Monicas in our lives and somebody like her would even bring down the whole house if it's arbitrary, wandering with sticky notes, notepads, planners and lists are their sources of happiness.

2. Miranda Priestly: The classic epitome of Poise and Finesse with a petite tint of attitude, who favours her coffee in its right balance to ensure the publication looks stunning when spread.

3. Hermoine Granger: Its Laviosa and not lee-vi-oh-sar, is all we need to hear about this wizard with the beauty and the brain, who is a bookworm and probably a student who is adept at becoming a graduate from almost every university in the world!

4. Jane Sloan: Many may not know her, but she is close to heart! The girl who is always on the run, with her planner having written with almost every colour pen and sticky note there ever is and is the most organised human in Scarlet.

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I wish to make a diminutive confession, or more like a self-reminder on how I am unable to adhere to my To-Do-lists and how it contributed to my Imposter syndrome.

I also wanted to divulge to myself and everybody out there who are going through the same, that it is perfectly alright to UnRoutine.

Well, not the kind of reading you desire to be doing on a Monday morning I assume, however, it's restorative to debate around things that are considered to be good practice also, to scour and learn in the process.

The pact with Routines:

A Routine is a seamless process that functions with Priority being its crux and is an index of items that fall below each other more like a domino effect. It revolves around how an individual regulates what is noteworthy with a quite eclectic approach.

All that said, having a list of things to wake up to could be super empowering and always keeps you in control, without digressing into spaces and areas you otherwise would. You identify a finer rendition of yourself with every day that comes and learn to aspire and embark on several learnings.

Acceptance and Fallouts:

The affinity you share with your Routine could be a complicated one, somedays you hug each other and gloat with the satisfaction of having been the perfect pair for each other and on some days it could feel like ripping each other heads apart.

It's always good to take a deep breath and go back to your basics of apprehending your subconscious self and figuring out what is it that you wish to do.

“Your subconscious mind works continuously, while you are awake, and while you sleep.” — Napoleon Hill

Now, let us face it striking off tasks from To-do-Lists, give you a sense of unfathomable achievement, and that is precisely the driving force to these lists.

On the contrary, not completing them puts us through distress and it keeps clinging in the corner of your head like cobwebs on your wall. It is a part of To-do-Lists to also have certain days where you may not always finish even two tasks.

What matters the most is to understand these as withdrawal patterns and maybe you just need a little break from it. It all commences with acceptance and that it is absolutely normal to fall out of it for a brief period of time. Embrace the break by uncovering newer ways to jot down your tasks.

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Kinds of Routine:

No, don't close the article. I am not a Routine Guru and neither is this section going to talk about the different routines. Yes, it's a cliche of a sub-heading!

There is no actual kind of routine as all of us are distinct, our routines could be a 24-hours window, a 16 or even 4 hours. How productive does it get you is where the underlying intent to it is.

A few places to go and explore how to form routines are from Benjamin Hardy’s page, he has it all covered!

The Result is the point:

Doing what we love to do answers a lot about the person we are and in a world where we are constantly under the gaze of others who are usually opinionated it becomes vital to carry ourselves with grace and poise.

Waller, in this article, explains the importance of how time and brain are both consequential factors in gauging the result of anything that is you are doing and why having a close eye to details is necessary.

We’ve extinguished time by going after the new normal and this has certainly altered our lifestyles and discipline habits.

Having a lifestyle with discipline is what shapes our inner strength to tackle anything that comes our way, and this is something that you are not always born but will have to learn to acquire with time.
It begins with understanding what the bubble is and who are the people inside this bubble and at what proximity should they be.

It is true that I’ve been having trouble finding myself especially with my To-Do-List being even more lost than what I am, the trick here is to stay creative and occupy a room for patience and also toss up your spaces with some decor and set the vibe.

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Well, that could be your head! and it is alright.

Hope you enjoyed reading, do share your feedback and views on the same, you never know this could lead you to fresh ideas.

Until Next Time Folks!!




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